Password protected pdf’s

There are several methods for protecting pdf’s. I’ll try these out and report on my progress.

  • Use Acrobat to require a password. This might work for a single-password.  Can the public view this pdf  Testing password process? This worked. Is there any downside to just using Acrobat to handle the password requirement if only one password is issued? It might be a hassle to reset the password. Nope, that was easy.
  • However, now I had to reload the pdf and link to the new version.
  • And if I lose the password I can’t open my own document.

I’ll try another method and report back.


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Nelly’s August menus

Nelly Capra's website, celebrating Italian food and Italian way of life

Nelly Capra's website, celebrating Italian food & Italian way of life

Nelly Capra, chef extraordinaire! has learned to use Apple’s PAGES program to create her monthly subscription-based menus. She is an early-adopter of tech, always up for learning new software. As her webmaster I’ve enjoyed her gentle nudging to get me to try new techniques.

In her monthly newsletter Slow Meals on Green Wheels she includes a Let’s Do Lunch feature for people to reserve a private Slow Meal of the Day in her garden. It’s ideal for social luncheons or business meetings. Nelly offers Lunch and Learn sessions with monthly themes. August is the month for learning to make gnocchi. Sometimes Nelly announces her small group tours to Italy for culinary aficionados, revealing the insider’s view of Piedmonte and Liguria.

See the August offerings created in PAGES by downloading Slow Meal Menu August 2011

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I'm attending WordCamp San Francisco 2011! Woohoo! Can’t wait to meet fellow WordPress aficionados next weekend in San Francisco. I have so many questions about building CMS and design.

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Contact plugin added

WROX, Wiley Publishing, Inc., WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George PlumleyThanks to WROX , Wiley Publishing, Inc. for providing WordPress, 24-Hour Trainer, by George Plumley. I realized pretty quickly that 24 hours meant 24 hours of learning, not 1 day and yippee! I am CMS. So, many hours later I feel I’m gaining confidence and enjoying building this site step-by-step. Today I searched Contact plugins and with Mr. Plumley’s advice I discerned which plugins had the most stars and which ones had been around a while, had several thousand downloads, and very importantly which ones had been recently updated. Since WordPress recently updated to 3.1.2 I wanted a Contact plugin that had been tested in the most recent version.

I like the customization tools in wysiwyg and that it’s easy to add a captcha feature. The plugin is free forever and can be customized on ContactMe‘s website for 14 days. I added my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. I want to build up my Facebook page before asking anyone to ‘follow me’ there.

So, I’ll see how ContactMe works as a contact form and write further if I decide to change to a different solution.

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Cat vs Internet – The Oatmeal

Cat vs Internet – The Oatmeal. My kitty would approve of my using this page to test out the “Press This” bookmark applet to easily bring in a bit of the web to my “Posts about web stuff” page. I’m wondering if it’ll bring in an image from the webpage. I doubt it since I don’t see anything in this post. Testing begins…Cat Vs Internet

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Forums rock

Guess I’d truly deleted my ‘home’ post page. Created a new page called “Posts about web stuff” with no content. Went to settings > reading and selected my new page to be the posts page and hallelujah! My post page is reactivated.

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Lost post page

OK, CMS challenges me again. Feeling a little too cocky I decided to customize my main menu and have my homepage be more about ME. Good idea, no? Well, actually, no. I’ve lost old HOME page which was the post page. The search ensues.

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Search Whois | .ORG, The Public Interest Registry| Buy, Sell, Register .ORG Domain Names is a great resource with good tech support. I buy my domains through them. They just recommended to get truly up to date domain info for non-profits.

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Learning CMS

New project,  new challenge. It’s time for me to learn about Content Management Systems (CMS). I want my site to look more ‘site’ like and not so bloggy. So, that is my first task. Lots to learn, but already I like this better than Joomla.

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