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WROX, Wiley Publishing, Inc., WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George PlumleyThanks to WROX , Wiley Publishing, Inc. for providing¬†WordPress, 24-Hour Trainer, by George Plumley. I realized pretty quickly that 24 hours meant 24 hours of learning, not 1 day and yippee! I am CMS. So, many hours later I feel I’m gaining confidence and enjoying building this site step-by-step. Today I searched Contact plugins and with Mr. Plumley’s advice I discerned which plugins had the most stars and which ones had been around a while, had several thousand downloads, and very importantly which ones had been recently updated. Since WordPress recently updated to 3.1.2 I wanted a Contact plugin that had been tested in the most recent version.

I like the customization tools in wysiwyg and that it’s easy to add a captcha feature. The plugin is free forever and can be customized on ContactMe‘s website for 14 days. I added my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. I want to build up my Facebook page before asking anyone to ‘follow me’ there.

So, I’ll see how ContactMe works as a contact form and write further if I decide to change to a different solution.

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